Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Cold as Ice

Rimmel - Peppermint 
Barry M - Silver Glitter 140 (Limited Edition Effects) 
As the temperature has dropped and snow is on it's way, I decided to paint my nails in a way to present ice! Sounds kinda cheesy...but I like them! 
I've almost finished my Christmas shopping, just got to get something for my mum but we both waiting for Thursday as its pay day so we going to go shopping then as she still needs to get me something. However I still need to sort out my outfit for Christmas day as well as Boxing day, I want a Christmas jumper for boxing day and a lace dress from H&M for Christmas day but haven't be able to get my hands on them yet. 
I also need to sort out my outfits for New Years eve, I'm having to work but then I'm heading to a casino royale themed 18th/new year's party so it's all evening gowns and cocktail dresses, then I'm off to another party for the countdown. I personally think sequins have been bigger than ever this year so really want to get my hands on something glittery for the second party. Also been looking at shoes and I'm finding it rather hard to decide between heels from New Look or wedges from eBay so please comments which you prefer because I need to order them asap! 
Lots of Love     x 

Monday, 12 December 2011

Alright Barry!

Barry M - croc effect 
Relvon - gold coin 
This is the new Barry M effect nail paint which I prefer this one from the other original effects Barry M brought out a couple of months ago. It actually works and creates this brilliant unique croc effect. I love it!
I personally haven't seen in it the shops near me but keep your eye out!
Lots of love     x

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Little Boots

Tuesday Evening I went to Boots to re-purchase my foundation as I ran out at the weekend but when I got to boots they had an offer on Revlon products. So if you spent £15 or more on any Revlon products you got a free gift worth £25, Brilliant! I also had a coupon for 17 products, if I brought any 17 product I got a free concealer, so I brought my cousin a nail vanish and got a free concealer worth £4.99. 
 Colorstay foundation 150 buff, (I also brought another product which is a Christmas present for my friend whom reads my blog) 17 nail vanish in purple jewel, natural collection nail vanish in antique coral (both Christmas presents for my cousin) 17 hide & chic eye brightening concealer in light rose. 
 Free Revlon gift box
 Three products came with the free gift - nail vanish in 146 gold coin, Grow luscious mascara in blackest black & lipgloss in 170 coral 

I'm really happy with all the product although I sometime find the mascara smudges but may give it a couple more days until I make my full judgement. but I still can't believe what I can't home with when I was only heading out to get foundation! 
I'm hopefully going to be doing some OOTD's this week as I'm borrowing my brother's camera for a couple of days so they will be in better quality, if I find a good setup! 
Lots of love     x 

Friday, 9 December 2011

On Wednesday I was lucky enough to go to the Clothes Show Live in Birmingham! And like every year it was amazing! It was the last day so super busy however I did manage to come home with some money which is unusual as I did find some great bargains. I personally think the best deals are on all the make-up when you buy a £10 gift bag which ends up being worth £55 What a deal! The catwalk was super! all based on a night in a mall, when the mannequins come alive which also included BB from Dirty Sexy Things. As well as George Lamb (aka Mr Hottie) some people from Hollyoaks and others. If you have never been to The Clothes Show Live before I would recommend it, it is a great day out, I'm not sure how busy it is the other day as i always go on the Wednesday which is pretty busy. I might try and go to the London one next year...we'll have to see!

 Dove intensive repair conditioner, Colgate advanced white, Oat So Simple indulgent White chocolate & Raspberry, Nivea body lotion & Anti-wrinkle face care both bio argan oil.
Kurt Geiger £20 gift card & Jemma Kidd Make up school Hi-shine silk touch lipgloss 15 coral.
L'oreal youth code day cream taster. 

 Extra WOW Lash in black mascara, Sexy Curves in brown/black mascara, Kate lasting finish lipstick 01 rouge, 010 black graffiti nail vanish, 825 sky high, 300 Movie star.
Eyeliner pencil in 6 pink and 20 green, shimmering eye & lip crayon in 8 and 4, Glittering liquid eyeliner in 14 and 12, liquid eyeliner in 15, Nail paints in Lavender Hexograms 293 and Burgundy 165 and Dazzle dust in yellow/gold and white (didn't have numbers) 
Cro Effect nail paint in 323 
Model's own nail paints in Vintage pink, Grace green & Concrete mixer
I'm off to work in a bit so I can only fully appreciate the fact its the weekend when I have finished, but hopefully planning to put the Christmas decoration up this weekend as well as to do the last of my Christmas shopping. Let me know how far you've got with your Christmas shopping and whether you've got your decorations up. Also let me know what you lovely ladies have asked for from Santa.
Lots of Love      x

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Tuesday's Nails

Revlon - 044 Blue Lagoon, Natural Collection - White & Model's Own nail art pen

Lots of Love    x

Monday, 21 November 2011

Too Jazzy?

Hey Dolls!
Just a quick update, there has been a bit of a change at work this week, so instead of working Tuesday and Friday, I will be working Friday and Saturday as a result I can print my nails for a week!! I am going to take advantage of this and print my nails everyday for a one week only series of 'Nails of the day', These are the nails I had today but I found them to be a bit too jazzy against my outfit which was quite dark today, Hope you enjoyed.
If you have any nail suggests please comment below, because I am sure I will run out of ideas!
Lots of love   x

Tuesday, 15 November 2011


Although peter pan collars were big last year I still think they the perfect statement for a right girlie girl!

 Scallop hems are so cute! especially on the peter pan collar as well. 
All this tops can be wore simply with skinny jeans and pretty flats, easy peasy! 

Both these dresses would look gorgeous with plain cardi, some black sheer tights and brogues or even some chelsea boots!
I'd love to see if you have any peter pan collar garments and how you love to wear them!
Lots of love x

Monday, 14 November 2011

Tick Off My Wish List!

Now I decided not to include this top in my previous post 'Primark Haul' but I am SO excited about this garment that I wanted to do a separate post about it! 
So recently I posted about wanting a leopard print sheer shirt, and guess what I found one on the high street for cheaper than the one from DesireClothing. Primark! Now for those of you who don't shop in Primark, I would encourage you to put up with the crappy customer service because you can find some brilliant buys and if you look after them, they can last just as longer as products from other shops. 
I bought this shirt for £10! whereas the other shirt was £20! What a bargain!!!  If you would like to see how I would style this shirt please comment, similar to if you want to see how I would style leopard print.
Lots of love. x

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Primark Haul!

Hey Honeybees!
As said in my last post, I have been shopping (at last!) so here are some things I have picked up, some items a couple of weeks ago but most I bought in London on Saturday. If anyone else was in London on Saturday please comment to reassure me that I wasn't the only one who had so much trouble with the trains! Pretty much every tube station I got to it was closed, I spend most of the day travelling rather than shopping however still managed to pick up some brilliant items!
It has taken me ages to decide how to do this, as I am planning to post some 'How to style's so couldn't decide whether to include make-up or just a Primark haul or include everything i have bought recently etc, however I have finally decided Primark haul it is! here are the items i have recently bought from Primark.

(Hat - New Look)
I'm really happy with the things I found, although the stores and customer service is shocking!! and sometimes the quality of their products is bad you can purchase some great finds in Primark! At the moment I'm just wrapped up in a blanket watching 'I'm a celebrity, get me out of here!' I'm over the moon the new series has began, who doesn't love 'I'm a celebrity!'
Hope you all had a lovely weekend and enjoy your week ahead, Lot of love! x

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

I want...

Preview 2
I have been looking for a leopard print shirt that buttons to the top for ages! Today I came across this one, which is prefect plus only £20 from desireclothing, hopefully I'll be able to order it before the end of the week. I think it will look really nice with wet look leggings/black skinny jeans or a black bodycon skirt for a night out, especially with bright red lips!
I really want to post some 'how to style's but I think it may be easier to do in a video form, which is difficult when I don't have a proper working camera, but I will see what I can do. I have my eye on a new camera which will help posting pictures and videos so much easier!
Lots of love!

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Back and Bad!

Hey Dolls, so once again I haven't being posting in a LONGG time and I just wanted to say that I had planned to post a lot more this week, as it's been half term but because of everything that has been going on with school I literally needed a complete break from everything but I go back to school tomorrow and should get back into a routine so hopefully I'll be posting more frequently!
I think its time to update you all! I haven't got any of my school work done which I'm already regretting but that's the past! Me and my boyfriend are no longer together, I still have very strong feeling for him and hope we do get back together but for now I'm going to try and enjoy myself with my girls and meet some new faces. I am also in need of a shopping trip! Saying that I did treat myself recently to a new pair of boots as seen on Llymlrs and wanted by Faire Des Ennuis! so hopefully I upload some outfits of the day including them!
I hate blogging without photos mainly because I don't like reading blogs without photos but I have broken my camera's flash so it makes it hard to take photos, so if my photos are bad quality for a while you know why.
Until Tomorrow, Lots of love!

Monday, 17 October 2011

Tidy Up Your Room!

During school time and having extra work to do all the time my room can get a bit out of control, mess wise! So i have decided to share with you how i tidy and organise my bedroom. Today when i got home instead of doing coursework which i should have done i decided to get organised! I can't decide what to call this 'series' so if you have any ideas please comment below! Here we go!
 I brought these hangers from poundland as i have started to run out of hangers! 

This is my second wardrobe/cupboard which i decided to organise today! 
i started by emptying everything! (apart from bits and pieces stored in this cupboard) and put everyone onto my bed. 
What a mess! 
Put all the hangers in a pile. 

 Start organising things back neat and tidily! i started with my bigger bags on the bottom shelve. 
 Then heavy Jackets.
 i have my Pj's on the top shelve and have started to hang my coats, jackets and hoodies/jumpers 
 This is a small bag organiser which is handy i would recommend this to anyone! it keeps your bags organise neat and clean.  

 And this is the completed organised wardrobe! 

i hoped you found this helpful if your wardrobe needed organising and stay close to see the rest of my organising posts! 

Lots of love  x