Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Recent Purchases

Sorry it's been so long again, things have been crazy, 3rd week back at school and i'm already so behind with work, but here are a  few things i have picked up within the last few weeks..
 Sheer Shirt from New Look £14.99
 Christmas Green Top from H&M £14.99
 Silver Metallic Sheer Shirt from H&M £14.99 
 Snake Skin Sleeveless Sheer Top £9 Primark 
 Jeans £40 River Island, Raspberry Jeans £29.99 Republic, Leopard Leggings £9.99 H&M
 Leopard Loafers £17.99 New Look 
 Ear Muff £2 Primark
Necklace £2.50 Primark 

Until Next Time
Helen x

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Just a little note..

Just a quickie to apologise for the lack to posts, my brother moved out and took his camera which i had been using so i have been putting off posting a post until i got a new camera but thought it was only fair to update my blog.
I went back to school today, and got given three projects that all need to be finished by Monday so have been working on one of them since i got home. My new bed arrived yesterday so i didn't want to get up this morning however i did make it in on time. Thinking about posting a room tour, so let me know if it's a good idea.
Hoping the weather improves soon, Lot of love :)     xx