Sunday, 30 October 2011

Back and Bad!

Hey Dolls, so once again I haven't being posting in a LONGG time and I just wanted to say that I had planned to post a lot more this week, as it's been half term but because of everything that has been going on with school I literally needed a complete break from everything but I go back to school tomorrow and should get back into a routine so hopefully I'll be posting more frequently!
I think its time to update you all! I haven't got any of my school work done which I'm already regretting but that's the past! Me and my boyfriend are no longer together, I still have very strong feeling for him and hope we do get back together but for now I'm going to try and enjoy myself with my girls and meet some new faces. I am also in need of a shopping trip! Saying that I did treat myself recently to a new pair of boots as seen on Llymlrs and wanted by Faire Des Ennuis! so hopefully I upload some outfits of the day including them!
I hate blogging without photos mainly because I don't like reading blogs without photos but I have broken my camera's flash so it makes it hard to take photos, so if my photos are bad quality for a while you know why.
Until Tomorrow, Lots of love!

Monday, 17 October 2011

Tidy Up Your Room!

During school time and having extra work to do all the time my room can get a bit out of control, mess wise! So i have decided to share with you how i tidy and organise my bedroom. Today when i got home instead of doing coursework which i should have done i decided to get organised! I can't decide what to call this 'series' so if you have any ideas please comment below! Here we go!
 I brought these hangers from poundland as i have started to run out of hangers! 

This is my second wardrobe/cupboard which i decided to organise today! 
i started by emptying everything! (apart from bits and pieces stored in this cupboard) and put everyone onto my bed. 
What a mess! 
Put all the hangers in a pile. 

 Start organising things back neat and tidily! i started with my bigger bags on the bottom shelve. 
 Then heavy Jackets.
 i have my Pj's on the top shelve and have started to hang my coats, jackets and hoodies/jumpers 
 This is a small bag organiser which is handy i would recommend this to anyone! it keeps your bags organise neat and clean.  

 And this is the completed organised wardrobe! 

i hoped you found this helpful if your wardrobe needed organising and stay close to see the rest of my organising posts! 

Lots of love  x 

Monday, 10 October 2011

Autumn Sun

I have a lot of deadlines this week, so trying to catch up with the all my work and just generally trying to get my life back on track! I'm finally starting to enjoy sixth form after i've sorted out my subjects. Once i've found some time, i would like to have a change around in my bedroom and my wardrobe but that might have to wait until half-term which is in a couple of weeks, Thank god! i need a well deserved break after everything that has happened this term!

I've got a few ideas coming up hopefully within the next few days depending whether i get all school work done, Fingers crossed! Also thinking about going on another shopping trip, for some winter knits as the temperature has dropped so much in the last few days!

Helen x

Monday, 3 October 2011


Top: Primark 
Hoodie: New Look 
Jeans: River Island 
This is an outfit  i wore last week at school but so far haven't had time to upload it, casual but fun with the colourful stripes!
I have been having a lot of trouble at school with my subject so have had a lot of thinking to do about what i really want to study. It is finally sorted out so will start studying tomorrow because i'm off school today as i am feeling sick.  I have also had problems with my boyfriend, so i'm really trying to sort things out with him as its our two year anniversary next Wednesday! Not had the best weekend but things can only get better!

Until Next Time :)