Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Not had the best start to a week, Yesterday i went to the doctors to find out i have a flu like virus which is going around as well as tonsillitis so have been spending most of my time in bed, Today my bf has come round, bringing a surprise package containing my favourite Caramelised onion and balsamic vinegar crisps, breaded mushrooms, jelly beans and Phish food Ben and Jerry's ice cream! Also brought along two movies, 'Hall Pass' and 'Accidents happen' what more could a girl ask for! (Accidents happen doesn't really look like my type of film but its the though that counts).
Until next time    x

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Welcome Newbie!

Howdy! What's a better way to start off a blog than a 'What i brought' On Sunday i went to a carboot sale with my mum so here are some pictures to show you the bargains i found:

                                           Bargain woven scandals For £1
           Brass/gold lamp £1.50, Pink/white Lamp £1
             'The world according to Clarkson' 50p, Tiny leather purse 50p, 'The time traveler's wife' 50p, Sleepy, brand new £2.50
                               Clear Clinique make-up bag 20p, Pj pattern £1
                                          Gorgeous brass/gold light fitting £5 
                                                    Khaki Cardi £1.50
Few Random purchases such as the light fitting and the lamps but i am currently in the middle of re-doing my bedroom which i may do a post about at a later date. 
Love  x