Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Birthday Suit

001.Yesterday was my 18th birthday (finally!!!) I pop out to prezzos at lunchtime with my best friend Rhiannon (go check out her blog Everything But The Kitchen Sink) and had a nice catch up with her! In the evening I went out for a meal with my mum and my brother which was lovely! Tested out some cocktails which you can see above or on my Instagram. After the delicious meal I went for a couple of drinks with my brother and a few of his buddies! Hopefully il be going out later in the week but need outfit ideas, so outfits you think are great for a night out please comment before! I need your help!

002. Once again I apologise for the lack of posts recently, I have a week off now and want to try and post outfits of the day on a regular basis. I will try and get into a routine this week, fingers crossed!