Friday, 8 June 2012

Summer Nails

This images below show what I think are the perfect nail vanishes for the spring/summer months, from pastels to bold n bright these are some I would recommend.  

Pastels - Left to right : Rimmel London - 500 Peppermint, Revlon - 044 Blue Lagoon, Barry M - 308 Berry Ice Cream, 309 Strawberry Ice Cream, 318 Peach Melba, Revlon - 042 Sunshine Sparkle 

Pinks - Left to right: Rimmel London - 420 Sunrise, 405 Rose Libertine, Barry M - 279 bright pink 

Corals/Oranges - Left to right: Rimmel London - 053 Apricot Punch, 050 Tangerine Queen, Barry M - 296 Coral

Greens - Left to right: Rimmel London - 260 Green Grass, 236 (Also named) Green Grass, Barry M - 304 Mint Green, 290 Spring Green (apologises for the colours due to lighting of both Barry M nail paints both are more green in 'real life')

Blues - Left to right: Barry M - 306 Blueberry Ice Cream, Rimmel London - 825 Sky High 

Nudes - Left to right: Revlon - 380 Elegant, Ciate - My Fair Lady   

Glitters Left to right: Revlon - 146 Gold Coin, Models own - Hedkandi Ibiza Mix, Indian Ocean.

 I included some glitters as well for summer nights out or dinners out but my summer choices. I hope you enjoy my summer nail vanish choices but I would love to hear some of your flavour nail vanishes for the spring/summer month too! 

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Jubilee Buzz

Another quickie!

I haven't done anything to celebrate the Jubilee this weekend, therefore I decided to quickly rush these patriotic nails to pass the time. Sorry about the messy pictures, it was late and I began to get tired so I quickly rushed them which results in a pretty messy design but hey ho.  

How have you spent your extra long weekend? 

Monday, 4 June 2012

Bits & Bobs #1

 Models Own - Indian Ocean & Ibiza Mix 
 Models Own Nail Art Paint in White
 Rimmel London - Matte Finish Topcoat, Relvon - 380 Elegant, Rimmel London - 053 Apricot Punch 
 Barry M - 325 Denim & 333 Black Multi Glitter
 Sleek Blush in Suede 921
Natural Collection Blush in Dusky Pink

Revlon - 001 Nude Attitude & 003 Mauve it over 
 Vivo Trio Eyeshadow Palettes
Vivo Trio Eyeshadow Palette in Green with Envy
 Vivo Trio Eyeshadow Palette in Innocence 
 MUA - Great Lips Lip balm
  Dove - Invisible Dry (spray) & Natural Touch Dead Sea Minerals (roll on) 
 Necklace - Dorothy Perkins (£2 sale) 
 Rose Gold Star Earrings - Accessorize 
 The king's Speech & Given To The Wild - The Maccabees 
Sandals - Accessorize 

001. Bits and Bobs is the new know I chosen from hauls of random bits and bobs I have picked recently, however you may have to wait a few weeks until the next one as I have spend a little too much within the last few weeks!  
002. Yesterday I went to a BQ at my boyfriends house (even though the weather was pretty average) to celebrate his 18th along with most of his family and a few of his friend, but I came home early because I was absolutely knackered after the last few days and wanted to get a good night sleep. 
003. Today I'm just having a relaxing day at home sorting out my room and other bits and pieces which I would rather sort out sooner rather than later. I also plan to take average of the week off concerning the NakedBlueberry by sorting out blog stuff to make it easier for when I get back to normal busy life! Tonight I'm off to a house party so depending on what I wear I may post an outfit of the night tomorrow or even later on today. 

Sorry about the short & boring post today just wanted to quickly show you little bits and bobs which are in the shop atm!

Friday, 1 June 2012

On Cloud Nine

Top - New Look
Vest - Primark 
Necklace - H&M 
Cardi - New Look 
Jeans - Topshop 
Nails - Relvon - Apricot Punch, Models Own - Ibiza Mix 

001. January was the last time I posted on here which seems ridiculous! It does not seem to be that long ago but I am back! So here's a quick update: Yesterday I broke up for half term and my brother got a new camera, which is the Canon 1100D, which means the pictures I post will be of better quality, exciting stuff! Over the last few months I have literally just been doing school work and working alongside attending a number of parties celebrating a few 18th's and one 21st but apart from them nothing too exciting.  
002. Anyway for my first post back I thought I would share with you all my outfit that I am wearing today. Today I'm just chilling at my boyfriend's house, may pop into town in a bit then I'm going out for dinner with him and his family tonight as it was his 18th birthday yesterday, but after the lovely weather the UK has been experience over the last week or two I was disappointed to wake up this morning to a cloud covered sky so decided to keep it plain and simply with a pop of colour over the top.